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Getting in the spirit

We have our first runners this weekend at Barbury Castle in Wiltshire where we hope to run Lucky Hit, You Too Bonny Lass and Global Power. Lucky Hit will run as she is in the 1st race and is a big strong mare that should handle soft ground ok. You Too Bonny Lass won't run if the ground is too soft but the softer the better for Global Power who seems to be in great form and is loving the rain!

We had our Christmas Party on Sunday night at The Castle Inn, Bletchley we all had to wear Christmas jumpers and luckily for a few of them Huw seems to have a collection.

I'll let you decide who had the best.

I am very lucky to have very good, reliable staff which I have fully learnt to appreciate these last few months, after breaking my arm from a kick in September I am still in plaster 3 months later and not due to go back to the hospital until 30th December so it has been a long road. Each person in the photo has played an important part over the last few months from riding out, driving me around to cooking the bacon and sausage sandwiches every Saturday for the owners and staff.

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